Iranian Police Arrest 30 in Protest against the Killing of a Young Man


                               Baloch Campaign US    |    June 3, 2019

Reports from Iran’s Southeastern Sistan and Baluchistan Province say some 30 people have been arrested in a rally protesting against local authorities for killing a young Balochi man.

Local people gathered on May 27, 2019, in front of the governor’s office in the provincial capital Zahedan after police shot dead a young man. Iranian police arrest 30 in protest against the killing of a young man

The state security forces called for backup and fired shots in the air trying to disperse the crowd, fearing that the protest could draw more protesters and turn in to larger unrest.

The angry crowd attacked vehicles belonging to the state security forces throwing rocks at them as a means to push back those forces who were trying to arrest them.

Police has confirmed the man’s death, adding that the number plate on his car was manipulated. The man was being chased by the police, they said.

Police officers told reporters that the man was wounded and died at the hospital.

Local witnesses say the police on Saturday were chasing the man, Mousa Shahbakhsh, on charges of not having a driving license. According to the officers, he did not stop at the orders of the police and they shot him.

This incident happened at Keshavarz Avenue in the Zahedan city center.

In this case, a reliable source said: the representatives of Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) at IRGC had threatened the victim’s family members in advance to avoid any protest in the city or gathering at the grave site, fearing the likelihood of the unrest spreading beyond control.


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